Every pound of material carried in space equates to tremendous amounts of cost. Apart from weight, corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures is another key factor in material selection for space structures. Various magnesium alloys available today meet these specialized requirements in space applications.

Since many years, Lite Magnesium has been actively involved with the space industry in India, by catering their specific requirements of magnesium castings and forgings. Using a variety of indigenously developed alloying processes, LM offers customized, superior magnesium alloy components for space applications.


Modern high-tech weapons and equipment of war are required to be light weight and at the same time, strong enough to perform in volatile environment of battlefields.

Magnesium alloys, due to a series of advantages, have become the ideal material for lightweight weapons of the modern world. Apart from low density, impact resistance and electromagnetic shielding properties of magnesium are advantageous for use in combat gear, communication electronic enclosures, robotics, targeting systems & payload, etc.

Implementing modern technologies for specific solutions for the industry has positioned Lite Magnesium as a preferred supplier in the defense arena. With our innovative approach we have developed some of the most intricate components for the defense companies globally.

Motor Sports

Lightweight and high performing racing cars have always been and will always be in demand in motorsports industry for cutting edge performance in races. Racing teams try to take as much weight off the car as possible, to improve the car’s performance under high operating stresses and temperatures. In the recent years, greater attention is being given to driver safety in the races.

Magnesium alloys have evolved as the strategic lightweight material for the autosport industry. Low weight and high strength-to-weight ratio of magnesium alloys offer a competitive advantage to the racing teams, not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of the driver safety. Higher damping factor (or impact resistance) of magnesium is being used to make crash beams, roll cages, front end carriers and other structural safety equipment for the motorsport drivers using magnesium alloys.